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11 May 17 Business case to revitalise a government service

Client: Government department Our role: Develop the business case for transformation, supported by research Our client once had a world-leading online service for business. However due to budget cuts and organisational changes, the service had failed to move with the times and was now lagging behind its...

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05 Mar 17 Content transformation of

Client: Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria Dates: April 2015 ‐ February 2016 Our role: Content planning, content development, stakeholder engagement covering 1300 pages In 2015, was being re-platformed from Squiz Matrix to SiteCore, and the department wanted to transform the existing content as part of...

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16 Aug 16 Storytelling provides a clear path through complexity

We use storytelling techniques to help organisations understand their complex online problems and develop viable solutions. Storytelling helps clients and staff relate their own experience without needing to summarise or analyse it, in a way that is often heartfelt and engaging. Communicating individual experiences Working on an...

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12 Oct 15 Queensland Government Business & Industry Portal

As part of the major web transformation of we project managed, wrote and edited content streams, including farming and business marketing to ensure this large and complex site was coherent and user-friendly. In this project it was essential to nurture relationships with content owners to develop a shared sense of the...

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08 Feb 15 Federal government’s Digital Service Standard

The Digital Service Standard sets the benchmark to ensure that the federal government's websites and online applications are simpler, faster and easier to use. The standard has been released as an alpha version for comment and is based on UK Government’s Digital by Default Service Standard. The standard will...

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11 Aug 14 Pinterest helps councils engage communities

Local government and city councils are capitalising on Pinterest’s capacity to host a virtual pinboard that’s visually enticing. They are building sites that showcase photos, images or articles promoting both the city and its initiatives and projects. With a Pinterest site, a person who pins content...

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