Our client – the Office of Small Business – once had a world-leading online service in www.business.vic.gov.au. However, due to budget cuts and organisational changes, the service had failed to move with the times and was now lagging behind its contemporaries.

Within this context, our client decided that it must overhaul its digital services as part of broader transformation of its service delivery through digital channels.

We developed the business case to transform the service. This involved defining the problem, outlining possible strategic responses and possible solutions, along with detailed investment analysis. The business case quantified the potential benefits and developed detailed KPI reporting framework.

The business case was underpinned by detailed research:

  • User research to understand the core needs of businesses, involving extensive interviews and co-design workshops in metropolitan and regional areas
  • Benchmarking against similar services around Australia and internationally to identify good practice and to assess the service’s current ranking
  • Research and review of leading technology trends around the world to identify the leading and bleeding edge, and assess their potential to help our client transform its service.

The result of our work was a detailed plan to overhaul www.business.vic.gov.au backed by user research and detailed financials, ready to be incorporated into the department’s budget bid.