During 2016 the Public Transport Victoria website reached an estimated 4 million customers, demonstrating its importance as a crucial touch point in their customers’ quest for a smooth and easy journey.

However, the website was struggling to meet user needs, especially in terms of the mobile experience and the lack of integration with ticketing. 

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) wanted a complete new digital customer experience – a single, mobile enabled, fully accessible and customer-led website that fuses ptv.vic.gov.au and mymyki.com.au. Each requirement and new piece of functionality will be driven by customer needs, research and consultation with a variety of stakeholders, both internally and externally.

Briarbird was brought into help PTV understand what it wanted to achieve, document this in a form that could go out to potential suppliers for quote, and provide expert advice through the procurement process.

Our approach was to work closely with PTV and first understand the significant and extensive research and analysis already completed by PTV. We undertook to: 

  • Articulate the goals and objectives for the project through facilitated discussions
  • Discover all functional and non-functional requirements through facilitated discussions, documenting these as epics and user stories
  • Gather additional customer insights through research interviews with a range of participants, with an emphasis on CALD communities and people with disabilities
  • Analyse and clearly document the epics, user stories and constraints
  • Map, discover and understand the integration points between existing systems based on the desired requirements
  • Prioritise the final requirements and gain consensus from stakeholders.

The result was simple and accurate documentation that PTV took forward into their EOI and RFP process.

During the procurement processes, we provided PTV with expert assistance through reviewing and contributing to the procurement documents, sitting on the panel as technical adviser and helping with contracting.

The outcomes and benefits of our work with PTV included:

  • PTV achieved consensus about its needs and what it wanted to achieve in the website redevelopment
  • Clear, precise documentation that fed directly into the EOI and RFP process
  • Final vendor was selected and contracted, ready to begin rebuild
  • PTV was helped to move from a traditional waterfall approach towards an agile approach.