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Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust is a family of nine websites. Through new structure and content, we achieved the goal of improving community engagement and driving sales enquiries for new products. We were very aware of the importance of tone for this site – content needed to be supportive while encouraging customer uptake of cemetery options.


Springvale Botanical Cemetery’s Feng Shui designed Song He Yuan is a dedicated Buddhist cemetery, which caters for the Asian style of burial and interment of cremated remains.

At Springvale Botanical Cemetery, we have a great respect and understanding of the Buddhist community and we are proud to have created the beautifully decorated Song He Yuan on qi gathering land within our grounds.

Designed in accordance with Feng Shui principles on a westward facing slope, the site was carefully chosen under the guidance of Feng Shui Master, James Yao Wen Zheng, who also provided considerable advice on the cemetery design and landscaping