Eleanor Curtain Publishing is a small, dynamic global educational publishing house, with a number of websites. The company found itself struggling to market effectively online and confused about the role of social media and email.

Briarbird’s task was to listen and understand the needs of the business, analyse the online opportunities and present a strategic web content plan that provided a practical way forward.

Taking into account internal capabilities

We undertook business consultation across the company and developed goals and objectives for the online business. During this consultation we made sure we took into account supporting business requirements and internal capabilities – there is no use coming up with a plan that cannot be sustained. We also benchmarked against other publishing companies.

Unity between sites

Briarbird delivered the web content strategy and a costed implementation plan. One of our recommendations was that the websites adopt a common technology platform. Over the following 18 months the company successfully established a common look and feel across its websites, and a common technology platform. The company has also established a Twitter stream and a support email newsletter.