SwitchOn.vic.gov.au (now rebranded to Victorian Energy Saver) was launched to help people take charge of their power bills. The website featured interactive calculators and plain-English advice on how to reduce power usage. The site also explained why power costs have gone up so much in the last ten years.

Image of home page to Switch On
SwitchOn was designed to help Victorians reduce their energy bills

Briarbird researched and wrote content for the website through our good friends Commotion. Commotion have done a fantastic job and it’s been a great project to be part of.

A particular challenge on this site was to simplify complex information for a broad audience, without sacrificing necessary detail. We needed to make sure consumers could easily find out ways of saving energy, and money, and encourage them to be proactive regarding their energy provider. We understood that people might come to the site after they received a large power-bill, and one of the site goals was to turn that shock into action.

We’ve got a knack for writing consumer-friendly website content. We’d be happy to share with you what we’ve learnt from working on big content projects.