Coles was developing an online application to allow users to create and manage their shopping lists. Briarbird’s task was to create the IA and detailed supporting wireframes for this new application.

Honing the brief in workshops

Refining both business and user requirements is the vital first step in developing great IA for a new product.  To achieve this we worked with Coles in a number of workshops to work out what the customer experience should be.

From here we developed prototypes (using Axure rapid prototyping tool) to help Coles understand the impact of the requirements.

We then developed detailed IA and wireframe documentation that specified all functional elements of the application from a user point of view.

It’s not ready until it’s been tested

Once the prototypes were complete, we ran some user testing to make sure all our R & D had paid off. When we were happy with the results of the testing, we presented the results to Coles.

Our documentation and prototypes allowed Coles to understand the complexity of the application. These documents were then sent to the IT company and used as the basis of their quote.