About us

Briarbird is a boutique digital consultancy. We focus on making websites more effective and engaging, and helping your organisation achieve its goals.

Developing or revamping a website isn’t easy for busy organisations. We’ll guide you through the process and help you get what you and your customers need from your project or website.

We’re based in Melbourne and our team is Australia wide, and includes strategists, analysts, researchers, usability experts, writers, editors, producers and designers.

Our track record

We’ve worked on more than 200 website projects, from a 20,000 page colossus to highly focused campaign websites.

We have a wealth of experience in government, health, retail, transport, utilities and the not for profit sector.

Briarbird are highly skilled information architects and usability professionals. They are particularly talented at working with stakeholders, with an approachable style which gained the trust of a wide range of stakeholders.

Fiona Ellis (Online Manager) and Marc Duval (Web Manager), Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure

Customer, content and technology

We are a user experience consultancy. This means that:

  • First we understand your customer needs and how these relate to the your organisation’s offering.
  • Then we think about the content and services required to meet those needs.
  • Finally we focus on the technology required to make it work and the processes required to sustain it.

Meet the team

Jonathan Roper
Research and UX lead, content planning, strategy

Matt Hall
Digital strategy, agile lead, customer research

Michael McManus
Digital strategy, analysis and project management

Christine Rogers
Content lead, video/film director

Steve Hollowood
Online implementation, planning and project management

Regina Huntington
Software engineer, technical analyst

Raffaelle Caputo
Writer and researcher

Caroline Hardy
Writer and researcher

Haydn Jones
Communication designer

Greg O’Connor
Designer, animator, composer

Aaron Heath
National account director

Briarbird is an accredited government supplier

  • QAssure, GITC, Queensland Government
  • eServices Panel, Victorian Government
  • DTO panel, Australian Government
  • MAV ICT Professional Services
  • Department of Human Services Video Panel