Gill, Jonathan and Bek at the launch of

Gill, Jonathan and Bek at the launch of is a comprehensive resource for people with spinal cord injuries.With over 12,000 people living with spinal cord injuries in Australia, it’s vital the right information and assistance can be easily found.

The SpinalHub website is designed to support and guide people in the positive self-management of their spinal cord injury and their successful participation in the community.

Complex medical information made easy

The Briarbird team (Christine, Neil and myself) worked closely with Gill Hilton (from Austin Health: Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre) and Bek Fraser (Transport Accident Commission) to help define, develop, adapt and rewrite content for the website. The challenge was making complex medical information easy to understand, jargon-free and encouraging without compromising accuracy.

The Quality Development Presentation prize

Not only was the SpinalHub website a delight to work on, we were thrilled to win the Quality Development Presentation prize at the annual ANZSCoS (Australia and New Zealand Spinal Cord Society) scientific meeting (2011).

Screenshot of the

Alongside the written content we also developed video content, which has been hugely successful.

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