I was delighted to present at the Seamless User Conference to a captive audience of predominantly local council web managers and e-services professionals. The 50-minute presentation focused on what readers want ie to find, scan, understand, act and share.

Here’s one of the handouts I gave out. The checklist describes how web writers can create reader-friendly web content.

If you need a speaker at your conference, just let me know.

Checklist: Reader-friendly web content

Help me find

Provide relevant content based on need

Create logical content hierarchy

Use keywords based on research

Provide text that is comprehensive

Use heading 1, 2 tags

Help me scan

Use a descriptive page title (H1)

Use a descriptive opening paragraph

Focus on the most important info

Break content into chunks

Use relevant images to focus attention

Help me understand

Use simple, plain English

Be direct and concise

Use multiple styles – text, video, images

Provide sufficient context

Help me act

Call for action in opening paragraph

Describe choice of actions prominently

Link to related content

Provide a summary of what to do

Invite comments and sharing

Let me share

Provide content worth sharing

Provide incentive to share

Make it easy to share

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