22 Sep 16 Making the customer visible

People, behaviour, emotions. In the rush of a website development, the human realities of our audiences can get ignored. Sometimes project teams get caught in a loop of conflicting opinions and directions, as people defend their choices and argue their positions. While there's nothing wrong with...

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16 Aug 16 Storytelling provides a clear path through complexity

We use storytelling techniques to help organisations understand their complex online problems and develop viable solutions. Storytelling helps clients and staff relate their own experience without needing to summarise or analyse it, in a way that is often heartfelt and engaging. Communicating individual experiences Working on an...

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08 Feb 15 Federal government’s Digital Service Standard

The Digital Service Standard sets the benchmark to ensure that the federal government's websites and online applications are simpler, faster and easier to use. The standard has been released as an alpha version for comment and is based on UK Government’s Digital by Default Service Standard. The standard will...

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02 Apr 13 Mobile usability for cats

Who says usability testing has to be boring? (or confined to humans, for that matter) Web guru Jakob Nielsen gets Briarbird's award for best geekster April Fool's chuckle with his post Mobile Usability for Cats: Essential Design Principles for Felines. ...

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08 Feb 13 dmeofi? Finally an organisation takes a stand against annoying Captcha

[caption id="attachment_906" align="alignright" width="300"] An example of the 'hated' Captcha from Ticketmaster[/caption] It was very heartening to read that Ticketmaster has dumped the 'hated' Captcha verification system. I really struggle sometimes when confronted by these alien words and nearly impossible fonts, where letters seem to merge then...

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29 Dec 12 Foundation for good user interface design

“User interface design is a very practical and utilitarian subset of design. If the word “design” evokes images of stylish yet comfortable office chairs that retail for thousands of dollars, UI design would be more like finding a way to build subway benches that homeless...

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